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Will be uploading to version 1.0 of the ShadowBox theme.  This site is currently using ShadowBox with a gray-white gradient background and blue links.  It’s width is set to 950px and it is using a right sidebar that is 150px with a silver background….

ShadowBox provides a UI for choosing 15 or so primary options which are used to generate 70 or so derivative options.  In addition to options for setting the width and color of your blog and its sidebars, the color of text and links and headers, ShadowBox lets you surround your posts and pages with widgets in the sidebars, top bar and bottom bar.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Hi Alex,

    I really want to start using Shadowbox as a default theme on my WordPress MU blog site. However, I’m having a small problem, I’ve tried many different ways to get widgets to show on the right sidebar. I can place them there in the backend, they show, I can save any changes I make to them, but when I go to view the actual blog no widgets can be seen. Any ideas?


  2. Patrick says:

    Please ignore my previous comment. I discovered what I was doing, and I’m too embarrassed to say what I was.

    I really like what you’ve done with this theme. The front is very clean and easy to read, while the backend offers the Administrator some very well thought out tools to modify the way the user interacts with content.

    Well done!


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