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New Version of ShadowBox

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Just uploaded a new version of ShadowBox to  This new version contains many of the innovations I developed for Translucence including opacity settings for most layout areas of the blog.  As well, I’ve improved the theme options model so that it is much more what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG).  See:

Hope to release Translucence soon.

Translucence – Paris Nights

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Here’s link to “Paris Nights” variations of Translucence.


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Finishing up Translucence now, hope to upload to soon.  Will be previewing here the “Visible Earth” and “Paris Nights” variations (make sure your HUD browser is up to date).

ShadowBox Introductory Video

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Here’s a video introduction to some of the options available in this 1st iteration of ShadowBox.

ShadowBox Theme

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Will be uploading to version 1.0 of the ShadowBox theme.  This site is currently using ShadowBox with a gray-white gradient background and blue links.  It’s width is set to 950px and it is using a right sidebar that is 150px with a silver background….

ShadowBox provides a UI for choosing 15 or so primary options which are used to generate 70 or so derivative options.  In addition to options for setting the width and color of your blog and its sidebars, the color of text and links and headers, ShadowBox lets you surround your posts and pages with widgets in the sidebars, top bar and bottom bar.