The Segue Project has created a number of themes for various platforms including WordPress, Moodle and Mediawiki.

WordPress Themes

I’ve created two themes for WordPress.   ShadowBox is a theme whose principal design motif is that of a foreground box that drops a shadow on a background.  Translucence is a theme derived from Twentyten, the WordPress v3x default theme.  The primary design motif of this theme is that of a many foreground boxes of varying opacity on top of a background.

Both ShadowBox and 2010 Translucence include a WYSIWYG theme options editor and can be used as parent themes.  Translucence will eventually replace ShadowBox.  For more information, see:

Moodle Themes

I’ve created a version of Shadowbox for Moodle v1.9x.

MediaWiki Themes

I am currently working on a version of Translucence for use with MediaWiki…


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