2011 Translucence

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Have been working on a Twenty Eleven child theme I’m referring to as 2011 Translucence.   See:

Twenty Eleven is new default theme for WordPress introduced in version 3.2.  The original version of Translucence was modelled on Twenty Ten, the default theme introduced with WordPress v3.0.  2010 Translucence is a fork of Twenty Ten, that adds a a number of template tags to the template files as well as functions for theme options accessible as a WYSISWG theme options editor.

2011 Translucence borrows css and template tags from 2010 Translucence to provide a more transparent exposure of WordPress functionality.  I’ve abstracted out theme settings that network administrators may want to be able to configure such as the default color schemes and headers.  Have also been experimenting with extending css elements that can be randomized beyond simply a rotating header image to include color schemes… Finally, having fun with animated gifs.

Minimalist Variations

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I just created a short screencast showing minimalist variations of Translucence.

Translucence > Minimal > Use Case 01 from Alex Chapin on Vimeo.